War strategy and tactics are a must in MMORTS games with PvP battles: You can lead your army to the victory but, if you don't manage the risk, it could mean a devastating defeat. There's a thin line between war heroes and corpses; beware and spy on your enemies first!
Take the battlefield role you've always wanted in this online RTS: It's time to demonstrate your skills in strategy games. Don't trust what you can't see, this is Nº1 Rule in MMORTS.
Recruit elite soldiers, develop cutting-edge military technologies, and clash with opponents from all around the world in this epic blend of strategy games, MMORTS and tactical war games. Keep your friends and foes under your thumb and rule the battleground! But remember, survival is not guaranteed, you'll need to fight for the victory...an epic combat waits for you.
Game features
- Epic combat: PvP mode happens on a unified world map. Feel the frenzy!
- From Privates to War Machines: Train elite soldiers and vehicles to crush your opponents!
- Engage in massive real-time battles (MMORTS): sync up with your alliance to strike at full strength!
- Play with your elite squad on a 3D action struggle with a single objective: The survival of your special ops army.
- Master the battlefield: Use 3D terrain at your advantage to counterattack your opponent’s where and when they don’t expect you!
- Manage your army and alliance with smooth MMORTS controls
- Progress with solo PvE missions and prove you might in intense PvP events
- Show-off your hard-won territories and conquests!
If you love strategy games and online RTS multiplayer with epic combat, this war game will make you forget about any other online PvP you played before! Bring victory in this MMORTS, take your army into the battlefield and raid at night!
NOTE: The online RTS game is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can switch off this option in your device's settings. A network connection is also required to play the game.
Support: If you have any problem, visit http://www.iceburger.net or contact us directly in the game in More > Help.